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Online Databases

IGO search... search through all the intergovernmental organization websites

This unique free service allows you to search the websites of all intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), comprising over 3000 bodies including the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Bank, etc.

IGO-search.org is brought to you by the Union of International Associations (UIA), which has been collecting information on international non-profit organizations since 1907. All of the IGOs, and all international non-governmental organizations, are profiled in detail in the UIA's Yearbook of International Organizations. You can learn more about that publication, get the books, CD-ROM, or subscribe to online access (annual, monthly, weekly), or request data streaming and negotiate custom research.

The UIA has created the IGO Search to facilitate access to the rich variety of information that these bodies make publicly available. Contact us if you wish to advertise on this page, or support us otherwise.